The Difference Between Serviceable Copy and Great Copy? 37% in Conversion Rates

Today we’re going to take a more in-depth look at the chimney sweeping client I recently worked with on optimizing landing page conversion rates through improvement of his basic copy.  I’ve got some photos from the Wayback machine of the way his page used to look, and the way it does now.  I recently heard…


Refining Your Entire Marketing Apparatus Through Better Demographic Targeting

One issue I have consistently noticed over the past six months or so is that small businesses seem to be having trouble reaching out and directly contacting their target demographic, despite the fact that they have a wider variety of tools with which to work than ever. I believe this is mainly due to these…


Taking Two Weeks Off from the Blog – Duty Calls

Unfortunately, I will be taking two weeks off from writing regular blog posts here at the QFC blog to concentrate on more commercial duties. More fortunately, this is due to a recent uptick in work. I have a lot of interesting new clients recently, including: Italy XP – I recently began a large copywriting project…


Rethinking Google+ – Increasingly a Must Have for Businesses

Google+ has long been somewhat of an afterthought in the social media marketing industry. People initially proved quite reluctant to embrace the new platform, despite Google’s ubiquity as a search and data provider. However, an increasing amount of anecdotal evidence is indicating that Google+ is indeed a worthwhile investment for most businesses, particularly those who…


Just Outsource Your Backlink Building Already

Backlinks are a regular topic of discussion between me and my clients.  In nearly every single case for the past several years, I have been recommending to Western clients of all shapes, sizes, and stripes that they highly consider completely outsourcing the backlink building portion of their SEO campaigns.  While this may seem to increase…


A Few Advantages of the Freelance Lifestyle

Those that know me personally probably get a little tired of hearing me constantly talk their ears off about how freelancing is the wave of the future, but I really believe that is the truth.  The jobs people could get even ten or fifteen years ago (in terms of pension, benefits and the like) are…


Keep Your Writing Sharp by Auditing a College Class Occasionally

One thing that happens to many writers is that they lose their proficiency in certain applications of the craft as they eventually mature and begin developing their own specialization and style.  I would argue that for writers looking to maximize freelance earnings over time, they should strive to maintain a baseline level of proficiency in…


Case Study: WordPress vs. Weebly for the Small Business Person

Today we’re going to look at two popular website and blog platforms: WordPress, and Weebly.  While I’m sure the more experienced web designers in the audience are already snickering, I’ve seen more than a few small business owners get suckered in to using some strange web platform or CMS based on an ad or a…