These Days, Even Small Businesses Need a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

I often meet with clients who are interested in discussing a particular issue they have recently discovered their site may suffer from.  We’ll spend some time evaluating their PPC campaign, or maybe I take a look at their keyword research or backlink profile.  Increasingly, I hear questions about social media marketing and video marketing.  One…


How to Get High Quality Social Media Work Done for Pennies

I’ve got a secret I’d like to share that can help you get high quality social media management and engagement for quite literally pennies on the dollar. Before I share the secret with you, let’s look at the people most companies have in charge of their social media efforts: Actual Employees – Tons of businesses…


Ways to Cope With the Loss of Organic Keyword Data

It has been difficult for companies dedicated exclusively to SEO to continue performing over the past six months or so, since Google pulled the plug on organic keyword data.  Doing this essentially severed the clear, easily demonstrable ROI that most responsible SEOs relied on to sell their services to clients.  Most clients are still aware…


Don’t Do What I Did – Always Bill at least 50/50 as a Freelancer

Don’t Do What I Did – Always Bill at least 50/50 as a Freelancer (NSFW Language in Video) If you’re a freelancer, billing can quickly become one of your most difficult and pressing issues.  You’ll find that people may not treat your invoices and bills with the same respect they may give other providers, or…


Digital Nomad Adventures – Questing For Content in Mexico

I’ve just about settled my next adventure as a digital nomad.  Waiting to hear back on my accommodation arrangements, and if all goes well sometime not too far after Easter Quest For Content will fly away to…drumroll please…Mexico!  More specifically, a little beach town fairly close to Cancun, called Playa del Carmen. So what am…


A Four-Part Formula for the Perfect Home Page

If you make your living as a writer, you will eventually become intimately familiar with Home Pages, in an incredibly wide variety of niches.  It’s easy to understand why; almost every business has one, and they are one of the most commonly encountered forms of written communication many people encounter these days. So, odds are…


How One Simple Insight Changed the Life of an Amateur Affiliate Marketer Forever

It’s very funny how missing one critical detail can often dramatically alter a person’s perception of a situation or event.  This principle can be of particular import in the world of inbound marketing, where a single typo in a keyword or URL can have dramatic consequences.  Misinterpretation of data can lead to even worse situations.…


How to Make a Shoestring Marketing Budget Work

Every day, I hear probably a dozen different product or service pitches from clients seeking my copywriting services, all of which have as good as chance as any other to succeed in the open marketplace of ideas. So why are so few businesses successful, if there are so many great ideas out there?  In my…