Branding for Bars

Today, we are going to take a look at two new clients, and how their different on-the-ground situations affect the way we choose to spend their inbound marketing budget to secure the greatest ROI.  These two examples are particularly illustrative of the diversity of social media marketing, because as you will see, the approach ultimately selected…


The Best Currently Available PPC Opportunity

Paid search has always been an integral component of the internet marketer’s toolkit.  If you are diligent and creative, you have the opportunity to get fantastic amounts of pre-qualified traffic delivered directly to your best landing pages at extremely reasonable rates.  However, as the PPC market has matured over the years, it has become more…


Pay-Per-Click Campaign Strategy

Often marketed as the way to success in online marketing without having to invest the time and money in building an organic infrastructure, pay per click campaigns are a somewhat tricky beast.  Personally, at Quest For Content we consider them more of a specialized tool for most business models, rather than the foundation of an ongoing online…